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Refund Policy
Last updated on 9 March 2021
Advergame Technologies Private Limited. (“SkillClash” or “We” or “Us”) is a private limited company incorporated under the Companies Act of India with registered office at Awfis, 1st Floor, L29, Connaught Place, Delhi – 110001, India. We offer a diverse, current, and exciting mix of online games created by Us, as well as games created by independent developers.
At SkillClash, we are driven to create value for your time on and ensure you have a satisfactory experience. In that spirit, if you ever feel that there is an error in a deposit or a withdrawal transaction, you can reach out to Us at Our actions to your email will be guided by the following points:
  • If any amount has been charged to your card, Paytm balance, or bank account but has not been received by SkillClash, it will not be refunded by SkillClash. The mode of payment you chose to make the payment to Us will be responsible for the refund and will make such refund within a reasonable amount of time. We will provide you the relevant contact details of the payment provider in case of a failure of this nature.
  • Any amount successfully deposited by you towards your SkillClash Deposit Cash Balance will not be refunded. In the event that you have been charged and the money has been received by SkillClash, but the deposit is not reflected in your SkillClash account, we will add the amount to your Deposit Cash balance on SkillClash.
  • If any amount deposited by you towards your SkillClash Deposit Cash balance remains unused for a period of 340 days, it will be returned to your original payment method.
  • Any amount that you pay as a registration / buy-in fee towards any Tournament or Battle on SkillClash, or any other service on SkillClash, will not be refunded. If there is any technical error in the performance of our services, we will return your participation fees to your respective SkillClash balances.
  • If you are blocked by SkillClash for unethical practices on the SkillClash platform, your queries with regard to refunds and cancellation will not be entertained.
  • If you try to make a withdrawal and your SkillClash Winnings Cash balance is debited but you do not receive the amount, we will confirm the authenticity of your claim. If verified as true, we will credit the exact amount in your favour.